Cyprus September 2019

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Its been another good month here in Cyprus.  It started off with a talk at Studio Oniki which is a cool little bar in the center of the old town in Girne/Kyrenia that puts on talks about all sorts of things.  This time it was an acquaintance of mine called Olga, doing a talk titled "Lost In Translation".  She is a linguist that does translation services from Turkish into Romanian and Russian.  My friend Sidika came down too and I had a strange blue cocktail that cost more than a meal.  I took a few pics for Olga with here friends.  That weekend I took Cihan out to the mountains for a bit of countryside action, which was nice for him as he hadn't been before.  He is also helping me with a video project but more of that later when its done.  The shot below is a frame from the video, orange t-shirt and hat.  Following weekend spent with Naci and Elias and we went all over, ended up in Magusa at a cake shop and bumped into someone we knew and took their picture with friends and then saw a little band at Bar 42 which has been mentioned in other posts.  I have a couple of new students, a brother and sister from Iran.  Few pics of them and their family.  They are fun people and have fed me a few times which is nice.  Its unfortunate for them that they don't get to travel much, which includes going to the greek side.  As EU members (I know not for long) we don't think too much about going to foreign countries, but people from Iran have very few options if they want to travel.  A few pictures of my regular students after that and then another adventure with Naci and Elias, driving all over the island and ended up in Omorfo at the Blackish Cafe again, and then onto Lefke, where we met a UN Doctor from Brazil.  Then some pics of family from Austalia.  Its my first cousin and wife who I haven't seen for years, and also Ali's parents who has appeared in this blog.  We did a meet up at my auntie's and then we went for a drive in the mountains too. Lovely people.   Last weekend we went on another adventure drive (yes with Naci and Elias), this time to somewhere new, a nature reserve in the mountains.  We bumped into some Italians on the road and were concerned about them walking in the heat.  We ended up giving them a lift to their destination, a castle, then we texted each other a bit which was fun.  Again lovely people.  And then finally I did some interior pictures for a friend who has a yoga and pilates studio, called Figen's Body and Soul.

That's it for this month, catch up soon!



Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

Olga and friends

Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

Mountains with Cihan

Things drying in the sun, mainly sweet.

Weird Russian Beach on the way to Magusa

Friends at the cake shop

Band at Bar 42

New English students and my regular students below.


UN Doctor

Italians, David and Elaine

Some random ladies that were putting on an event at the nature reserve the next day.

Nature Reserve


Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

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