Cyprus April and May 2024

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Well its been a crazt few weeks, with exhibition meetings and final selection for my upcoming Exhibition at Rustem Kitap Evi, Private View July 5th.  Its shaping up to be quite a night, with confoirmed DJ's, performance and even a tie in with another festival, but details about that to come.  The above image is the title image for flyer and so on, but next time you see it it will have all the details.


I haven't been doing much photography, as putting on an exhibition take so much work, and I want time to breath without distractions.  My frames arrives too, which is great.  So here with some few offerings.

I covered this girl's Kina celebration so good to see them with their first child.


Next up is a performance at Pera.  Was luck enough to be invitied to the final dress rehersal so was able to move around a bit.

Copy the names into Instagram if needed. With sisters @teca.x__ & @maryamalmiran in the creative universe of @ivonvongr Con

Rehearsing at @peraschoolofperformingarts one Sunday morning  - "The Loop" - Cyprus - 2024 ♾

Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

A lovely evening at Hoi Polloi

Support the arts, go see a show. Thanks to Hoi Polloi in Lefkosa Cyprus for being a very cool bar/cafe that regularly has live music and events. On this night Alex August played with guests. She has a good voice and she writes her own songs. Thanks to Simon Bahceli for being a stand up guy. Find out more about Alex August

Next up is some family, second cousins and the line of family derived from my grandfathers sister, who was an amazing Haci woman I remember from my childhood.  So genuine, so warm.

Next up is a drunken birthday night.  Not great!

More family.  Great to see my cous from Australia and meet her family.

And finally, a fashion shoot.

Find the album here

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