Cyprus Feb & March 2024

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So the first thing to say, after a couple of date changes, my exhibition at Rustem Kitap Evi is set for JULY 5TH.  The private view is shaping up to be an interesting night, with performances, a DJ, and off course the artwork.  I have made contact with a framer I will visit soon, and I have a meeting about the exhibition with the curator, the one with a nice smile below (and glasses).

I also wanted to include some pictures of past events at Rustem, to give you a feel for the venue.

This was an exhibition by Mete Hatay, back in 2021.  There was a band, and lots of cool people came.

I also did a cosplay shoot with Taju Cosplay, upstairs at Rustem.  It was a witch shoot from an Anime series.

Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

Next up is a fund raising event and the showing of a short film from a larger documentry about the recent earthquakes in Turkey. The film maker is Orhan Eskikoy, a published film maker and author.

This above event was at Rustem too, and goes towards showing the breadth of their arts involvement.

Next up is a music night put on by DJ Ufuk, again at Rustem, last summer.

Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

Next up is Mete Hatay most recent exhibition at Rustem, a few weeks back.

Another good night.

Next up is an interesting night I got invited to at The Narnia Bar in Lefkosa.  It was called KISSA, and consisted of 4 ten minute sketches that you watched in particular order depending on your ticket.  My order was show 4, 3, 1, 2.  The writer for one of the sketches is the nice lady above in the glasses, and is the curator of Rustem, Saziye Konac (sh and ch beggining and end).

I also did a few pics for my friend whio works at the excellent Wall Inn, a craft beer place in the capital.

My cousin from Australia came this month aswell, and we caught up and did a few corporate photos.  He's high up in the digital market, NFT's and such, and he travels a lot, so it was nice to see him.

I also caught up with Teca and Gabby, dancers from Pera, and went along to a rehersal.

And finally, a stock fashion shoot.

Good to see the model again, it been a while.  Lovely girl from Izmir in Turkey, studying child care.

So that's it, accept to say I am hard at work on the exhibition.  At the moment I am leaning toward a showcase of my work from both The UK and Cyprus, under the guise of a Cypriot photographer, concentrating on portraits.

I am very excited.  More news soon.

Here is a link to the album as always. LINK



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