On Live Portraits

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portrait, "last tuesday society"Photos by Sin Bozkurt at The Last Tuesday Society May Masked Ball, London 2010 A Portrait can’t do everything.  Its is not the true essense of a person.  It can be an essense, or several essences, but ultimately it is a mood or feeling captured in an instance of time.  Sometimes that mood can be profound and complex, but is never the full story.  As photographers we can’t tell this story in a single image, we can just allow ourselves to capture whatever it is we do see.
I don’t agree that portrait photography is a one way road. I hear all the time that pictures of people that are unaware their pictures are being taken are the most authentic.  Off course these photgraphs can be authentic, but again they can only capture an instance in time.  There are no garantees with portraits, it can be a quality picture, but there is an ineffable factor that moves it from good to great or profound. For me some of my best portaits are about connection.  What connection can you create in the short time you have? This girl was suffering from heat overload.  There were over two thousand people there that night, getting from one end of the room to the bar was hard work. I was making my way through and noticed her, obviously agitated and close to being upset . I had a spare face towel, and asked her politely if she needed to use it. She did and was grateful and we talked for a minute. And then I got her portrait. Full Album



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