Cyprus December 2023

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Its been a good month for me personally with my birthday and stuff, and I managed to fit a shoot in this month with Evgeniya as well as take a nice portrait of a couple of friends.  I have been thinking a lot about my exhibition coming up next summer and talking to people and thinking about venues and such.  There is a small artist community in the north and some prefered places to exhibit and put on private views.  One thing is decided about the theme, it will focus on me as a photographer past and present, rather than a particular project, although where work is part of a project then this will be stated and named.  Beyond that nothing is really decided.  My current project "In The Landscape" which places people within the landscape is continued below, with the strongest image in my view, above.  I've showed these to a few people inculding my mother, and it is interesting which photos people prefer.  She didn't like the above one too much.

The rest of images are split between two other locations, and some don't fit in with the "In The Landscape" series but there might be room to interpret the theme with some of the photos, including man made additions to the landscape. 

These next ones might not fit, but they were opportunities I couldn't miss at the location.

And a couple of outtakes

And Finally my friends from Turkmenistan and the Ukraine.

Oh and have a lighting lit cloud.  Thanks for reading.

Please let me wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope your holiday festivities went well.



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