Cyprus Jan 2023

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A simple month here in Cyprus, a few shots of the sky and three shoots.  Unfortunately in the middle of the month I had a bad fall and bruised my ribs, shoulder, arm and back, so not been pursuing lots of photography. I’m feeling better though and will no doubt jump right in again soon.  
So the month started with a planned shoot with Rena Cosplay, originally from Siberia in Russia, with her husband helping. We met in Lefkosa, the capital, as they actually live on the Greek side.  The husband works for a software company that has opened a branch in southern Cyprus.  I think they are enjoying their stay, although Rena is on a non work visa, but that leaves time for costume making. The character is Ciri, from The Witcher books, this version of her is actually from The Witcher 3 game.  Had a great time with them, chatty and genuine.  Enjoyed working on shots in the forest at night too. Full album Here

Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Photos by Sin Bozkurt©

Next up are what I think of as The Travellers.  I met this lovely couple hitchhiking and took them to Bellapias Monastery.  We hit it off immediately and I was surprised to here they were from Lefke, about 90mins drive away.  They had hitchhiked from there to look around Kyrenia.  Apparently they hitch everywhere.  So I gave them my number and offered a place to stay.  Later that night they texted and we met up.  The girl is vegan, so I offered to cook, we had a risotto with walnuts, mushrooms, red pepper, coriander, and courgettes.  It went down well.  In between times we did a mini shoot and  watched Stardust.  The next day we went to the mountains for a half day out and some food, and then I dropped them at the big round about just outside of town.  I can’t say enough how lovely they were.  I actually had my fall in the mountain, and the boy looked after me well, massaging my shoulder and getting me up off the floor.  We were playing frisbee at the time and I managed to fall ass over tit spectacularly and land on the top of my ribs.  Painful.  Many more photos in the full Album

Photos by Sin Bozkurt©
Although the above was fun (they were dancing around the room to teckno music) I love these darker shots more.  I'm calling one "Blinded by the Light", can you guess which it is?

Next up is Olla and Dalia.  These guys are students from Africa, Eritrea and Ethiopia, and are studying architecture and business.  Olla I first met at the bar downstairs (now closed) some months back.  She worked there and I took her picture one night.  I bumped into her again just recently and we cooked up a day to shoot.  Dalia came along because she was interested, and although a headscarf girl, she was probably more aware of fashion and grooming than Olla.  Funny world.  Anyway, always nice to go through the photos with the subjects and made sure the girls had a Cypriot lemonade before they left.  Full Album here

And a few of the sky.

Thanks for reading, find the full album here


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