Sleaze? Yes please!

Fun New York based Cabaret night run by Trixie Malicious and Mat Fraser.

And games.

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Performers from the night:

***Kitten N' Lou: The World's Show-Busiest Couple!***
Kitten and Lou are Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover of Seattle, Kitten runs Atomic Bombshell Burlesque & Lou is I believe our first Drag King feature performer! They are also a married couple and their wedding recently went viral as it looks like one of the funnest parties ever! (We'll post a link to it on here, so you can see the extravaganza of fun for yourself). We hear they do wicked duets- like Fred & Ginger high on Sleaze! Come help us welcome these glittering Seattle-ites to London!

***Deity Delgado: NYC Performance Art Legend***
We've had Deity perform at Sleaze before in an act that managed to shock our unfazable crowd, and now she's back with not one, but two, titillating and stupendous acts for you! Straight from NYC to London with love!

***Lisa Luxx: Poetress/Revolutionary/Leader of Prowl House***
Lisa Luxx is an amazing speaker/poetress who will have you wanting to run off and join a counter-culture rev! She heads up Prowl House, an artist collective forged to remind us all that "The Underground is Not Dead"! Artistic DIYers are out there all over London and Lisa is helping to make them feel a sense of community.

***Lazlo Pearlman: An amazing performer and one of our Unhung Heroes! Lazlo hits the stage with pizazz and swagger with an act thats gonna blow you away for realz! Macho hunk with a "Keep on Truckin'" message!
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