Art can inspire, instigate, ignite and cause a reaction.
Art can bring people together and tear them apart.
Art can incite debate, discussion, deliberation, it can make you stop and stare, think and take action.
Art at its best is a fully-loaded and cocked weapon.
Art at its best is a REVOLUTION!

The notorious Art Society Soho, the home of audacious British art and the Creative Debuts art platform, will be staging an exhibition of exclusive new work by some of its stellar members on the theme of REVOLUTION!

Expect some some shock and awe!

A perfect topic for November and Mr Fawkes.

Private View: Expect the usual contemporary approach to a private view ... ie DJ's, party, cocktails, bar, pop up art store, and other indulgences.
Make an evening of it - From 7.00 till 11.00


For details and press release contact the Society chairman Mr Von Hugo - [email protected] or Creative Debuts - [email protected]
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