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The market attracts people of all types. The population in Cyprus is very mixed, from ex-pats, to Russians, Turkish and Greek Cypriots, and settlers from Turkey with Cypriot born children. The Universities bring in people from Africa, Saudi Arabia, Europe, India, Vietnam, China, and tourism brings more people in the summer months, and they all seem to meet at the market. One thing about the market, you need help to get all the produce back to the car. I am hoping you’ll see the abundance of bags people carry around. Cash only. Smoking is allowed, and coffee is consumed by the sellers delivered from the local sports salon. Its a crazy place where people don’t seem to notice photographers. There are often camera crews doing interview or tourists snapping away. Parking is scarce and people just work themselves into gridlock. I park outside, it’s easier all round. One thing to say is that this produce is just super fresh. Another is to say people where T-shirts that I am sure they don't know the meaning of. Below is an entire year's worth of photos, enjoy.